Can packages be shipped to the UK?

USPS. USPS is a great option for UK shipping due to its flat rate shipping so you can easily forecast shipping costs. Similar to other carriers, USPS rates depend on the weight of the package and delivery timeline. … USPS packages are transferred to Royal Mail once they reach the UK.

Can packages be sent to the UK?

You can send a parcel to every address in the UK and 99.6% of world’s population, and the strength of our international partnerships around the world means we can package the right combination of services for you.

Is USPS shipping to United Kingdom?

USPS® international mail services go to more than 180 countries, including Great Britain, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Australia. Global Express Guaranteed®, Priority Mail Express International®, and Priority Mail International® services include international tracking and some insurance.

What Cannot be shipped to UK?

endangered animal and plant species. rough diamonds. indecent and obscene materials, such as books, magazines, films and DVDs. personal imports of meat and dairy products from most non- EU countries.

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How do I mail something to the UK?

Quick tips: How to address mail to the UK

  1. Write the town and postal code on separate lines.
  2. No commas or full stops.
  3. Left align the text.
  4. Include your return address.
  5. Use a font or handwriting that is easy to read and clear.
  6. Use a pen or ink that is clear to see against the colour of your envelope or parcel.

How do I send baked goods to the UK?


You can send food items by courier in the UK (although they’re on the restricted items list – meaning you’re not covered for compensation) including cakes, as long as they’re not perishable food items that need to be kept refrigerated.

Can you put international mail in a post box UK?

Yes, you can. If there are two postboxes next to each other, you may as well check if one is for international mail.

What is the cheapest way to ship a package to UK?

What’s the Cheapest Shipping Option from the USA to the UK

  1. USPS Priority Mail Express International at $87.60.
  2. USPS Priority Mail International at $76.10.
  3. FedEx International Next Flight at $245.20.
  4. FedEx International Economy at $182.35.
  5. FedEx International Priority at $198.20.
  6. UPS Worldwide Express Plus at $230.46.

Why is it so expensive to ship from US to UK?

All mail going overseas travels by air. That is expensive. There has not been enough demand for cheaper sea mail for three decades, so it is no longer available. Besides traveling by air, that package will go through more than twice as many cities as one traveling across the USA.

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What are prohibited items?

Prohibited means the item is forbidden by law to enter the United States. Examples of prohibited items are dangerous toys, cars that don’t protect their occupants in a crash, bush meat, or illegal substances like absinthe and Rohypnol.

Can I mail candy to the UK?

Re: Sending candy from USA to UK

Yes, they’re vulnerable to temperature variations and customs inspections (and any dues they levy).

Can I take honey into UK?

You can bring in up to 2kg per person of: honey. powdered infant milk, infant food, or special food (including pet food) needed for medical reasons – you can only bring it in if it does not need to be refrigerated before use, and is in branded, unopened packaging (unless in current use)

Does UPS ship to UK?

UPS is one of the best known names globally for logistics and parcel delivery. … At UPS, we make it as easy as possible for anyone to arrange the delivery of their package within the UK, no matter how big or small. Try UPS for your UK parcel delivery needs today.

What is the largest package USPS will ship internationally?

First-Class Package International Service: Maximum length is 24”, and combined maximum length + height + thickness is 36″ For other international packages, length (the longest side of the package) plus total girth (distance around the thickest part) of your package must be under 108″.

Does FedEx ship to the UK?

FedEx U.K., our domestic express shipping company, directly serves the region’s domestic market.

Why the United Kingdom.

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International Service Transit Time Transit Time
FedEx International Economy® 4 business days 3 business days
FedEx International Economy® Freight 4 business days 3 business days