How do you say 1903 in English?

How do you say 1903 in words?

The Number 1903 in Words

1903 is the one thousand nine hundred and third number.

How do you say the year 1901 in English?

Years from the first decade of each century

  1. 1508 = fifteen O eight.
  2. 1709 = seventeen O nine.
  3. 1901 = nineteen O one.

How do you say 1906 year in English?

4 Answers. Yes, it should be read as “Nineteen-oh-six”. it would be pronounced “one thousand nine hundred six”.

How do you say 1900 in English?

Therefore 1900 in words is written as One Thousand Nine Hundred.

How do you say 1904 in English?

There are a few ways to say 1904. “Nineteen hundred and four.” “Nineteen hundred four.” “Nineteen O four.”

How do you pronounce 2008?

“two thousand and eight” is the usual way.

How do you read 2006?

Senior Member. I’d say two thousand and six, both as the year and as a number.

How do you read year 1900?

5 Answers

  1. 600: six hundred.
  2. 601: six oh one (shorter than six hundred one)
  3. 1899: eighteen ninety-nine (shorter than one thousand eight hundred ninety-nine)
  4. 1900: nineteen hundred (shorter than one thousand nine hundred)
  5. 1901: nineteen oh one (shorter than nineteen hundred one, shorter than one thousand nine hundred one)
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How do you say year 1905?

“Nineteen oh five” is how “1905” is mostly commonly pronounced, although “nineteen zero five” is more technically correct (and slightly less often heard). Some of the old-timers in America say “nineteen ought five” or “nineteen aught five,” different spellings for the same meaning.

How do you pronounce 2009?

Most people say “two thousand nine” or “two thousand and nine,” though purists disparage the latter because in mathematics “and” indicates a decimal point; so “two thousand and nine” technically means 2000.9 (roughly late November).

How do you say 2007 in English?

I would say the number 2007 as “two thousand and seven”, but I treat the year differently. The thing is that I wrote it out separately as “and”, but in reality such is also pronounced normally pronounced as [n=:] in everyday speech and even in most careful speech is still [1~:n] or [1~:]. I say “two thousand seven”.

Why do we say 2000 and?

It’s likely that anyone who was young between 2000 and 2010 got the most used to it. To them, that’s how the year is said. Those of us who spent more time in the 1900’s were used to saying years as nineteen. At least for me it was easy to switch back and use twenty in Twenty Ten.