How do you tell if your docs are made in England?

Are my docs made in England?

All Doc Martens used to be made in England, but like every other company in the world, they’re trying to cut production costs. They now outsource their standard shoes and boots to either China or Thailand – I’ve seen both on the current market, though the Thai ones seem more common in the United States these days.

Where are UK Dr Martens made?

Martens boot was unknowingly manufactured with revolution welted into its core. And the factory that gave us our first pair in Wollaston, Northamptonshire, is still crafting Made in England boots to this day. The same way they’ve been making them for over six decades.

When did Dr Martens stop being made in England?

In 2003 the Dr. Martens company came close to bankruptcy. On 1 April that year, under pressure from declining sales, the company ceased making shoes in the UK, and moved all production to China and Thailand. Five factories and two shops were closed in the UK, and more than 1,000 of the firm’s employees lost their jobs.

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Which factory in England are the Dr Martens handcrafted?

The Factory

Northamptonshire is shoe-making country — a reputation it has held since the 17th century. And it is here, in Cobbs Lane, Wollaston that you’ll find the original Dr. Martens factory, where the very first pair of boots rolled off the production line in 1960.

How do I identify my Doc Martens?

Martens shoe boxes feature a white label on one end detailing size, style and colour. Check that the shoe details match those of your actual shoe. Dr Martens shoes detail the size and product code on the inside upper of the shoes. Check that these details match those found on the shoe box label.

How do I know if my docs are real?

The original Docs have a label

On the original box with Dr Martens boots you’ll find a white label and a numbering on it, style, code and color of the boots, and a bard code. Check, whether the description on the box is the same as its content.

How do you tell if Dr Martens are Made in England?

If you look at the top of a Dr Martens boot, you’ll usually see a plastic or leather lip. Not so with the Made in England boot, which has a raw leather edge, allowing you to clearly see the grain. The difference is visible when you compare the two boots in the Dr.

Are Dr Martens Made in England?

Its shoes are strikingly similar to Dr Martens, and they are all made in England. The company made Dr Martens shoes under licence for 35 years. “We’ve been around since 1881 in Northamptonshire, and in 2006 were bought out by a local person who saved the company and kept all 60 employees in their jobs.

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Why do Doc Martens have yellow stitching?

In order to defend themselves against copycats, Airwair, the company behind Dr. Martens, registered a special trademark: a so-called position mark. A position mark protects the specific way in which the trademark is applied to the product. In this case yellow stitching on the edge of the shoe.

How much did Doc Martens cost?

From $3 work boots to fashion icon, how have Doc Martens become so expensive? When they were first invented a pair of Doc Martens would cost you $3, just $50 with inflation. Since their creation they’ve become one of the most iconic boots ever made.

Where are real Dr Martens made?

Doc Martens are strongly associated with British culture, but since 2003 90% of their stock has been made in Taiwan, not England (which is why the “Made in England” label disappeared from their interior around them).

Are docs made in Vietnam?

The tour really opened our eyes to how much work goes into a pair of Dr. Martens and how the process doesn’t change when you leave the UK; all the shoes made in Vietnam follow the exact same processes and Dr. Martens also hold them to the same high expectations for quality.

Who made the original Doc Martens?

Martens’ origins date to 1945, when Dr. Klaus Maertens, a 25-year-old soldier and medical doctor at the time, created a unique air-cushioned sole (rather than the traditional hard leather sole) to aid his recovery from a broken foot. Dr. Maertens made a prototype shoe and showed it to a friend and engineer, Dr.

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Do Dr. Martens have white stitching?

Made with classic Docs DNA, including grooved edges but white stitching and Smooth, our original durable leather. Our Goodyear-welted lines are heat-sealed at 700°C and reinforced with our signature welt stitch.