How many English speakers are in Paris?

Obviously it’s Paris, with 25,000 English speakers enjoying the cafe terraces and packed Metro, but outside the capital the department with the most English-speaking residents is Dordogne.

Is English widely spoken in Paris?

English is not very widely spoken overall in France, but is quite widely spoken in the tourist areas of Paris specifically, at the well known attractions and at restaurants and hotels in the capital.

How much English do they speak in Paris?

An average of 57.25 percent of people in France have ‘reasonable proficiency’ in English, rising to 60.28 percent in Paris.

How many English speakers are in France?


Country Eligible population Total English speakers
Germany 80,600,000 56
Canada 37,138,500 83.06
France 65,350,000 39

Do French hate speaking English?

There is a common saying online, that French people find it rude if you speak English when you are in France. … The truth is, there are many reasons that French people don’t like speaking English with foreigners. It’s easy to say this is because they think English is rude, but there are many other reasons for it.

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Is English enough in France?

With even a few words you should find things go much easier. Without that, you’ll mostly be fine, but may experience some hostility once or twice. Yes I agree it’s easier to find English speakers in Paris than in most of France but it’s harder to find English speakers in Paris than in many other large European cities.

Which country has the most English speakers?

Which Countries Have the Most English Speakers?

  • United States: 268M. …
  • India: 125M. …
  • Pakistan: 94M. …
  • The Philippines: 90M. …
  • Nigeria: 79M-100M. …
  • The United Kingdom: 59.6M. …
  • The Netherlands: 15M English Speakers. …
  • Denmark: 4.8M English Speakers.

Which country speak most French?

Франция/Официальные языки
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