Quick Answer: Can I listen to BBC Radio Wales in England?

BBC Radio Wales is available throughout the UK on digital satellite.

Where can I find Radio Wales?

BBC Radio Wales is broadcast across Wales on FM and DAB. It is also availabale on Freeview in Wales and throughout the UK on Freesat, Sky, Virgin Media and the BBC Sounds service.

What channel number is BBC Wales?

BBC One Wales

Virgin Media Channel 101 (HD) Channel 864 (SD, rest of UK)
Freesat Channel 101 (SD/HD) Channel 110 (SD) Channel 964 (SD, rest of UK) Channel 976 (HD, rest of UK)
Sky Channel 101 (SD/HD) Channel 801 (SD) Channel 952 (SD/HD, rest of UK) Channel 978 (SD, rest of UK)

Can I watch BBC Wales?

Watching on demand

To watch national and regional programmes on demand, just search for the programme in the BBC iPlayer search bar. Most programmes are available shortly after broadcast. You can also easily find a selection of programmes in the Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales categories.

What radio frequency is BBC Sport?

MW: 693 kHz, 909 kHz, 990 kHz and on selected BBC Local Radio stations’ frequencies overnight. BBC Radio 5 Live is the BBC’s national radio service that broadcasts mainly news, sport, discussion, interviews and phone-ins.

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What radio number is talkSPORT?

Radio. talkSPORT is available across the United Kingdom via DAB digital radio and on 1089 or 1053 AM.

What frequency is smooth radio on in South Wales?

Smooth Wales

Frequency 1260 AM (North Wales/West Cheshire) DAB: 12D (South Wales) DAB: 10D (Northwest Wales)
Format Adult Contemporary
Owner Global

What radio channel is radio 2?


Radio 1 97-99 FM
Radio 2 88-91 FM
Radio 3 90-93 FM
Radio 4 92-95 FM, 103-105 FM (with local variations for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) For Long Wave and Medium Wave frequencies, see below.
Radio 5 Live 909/693 MW

How do I get ITV Wales on Freeview?

The current ITV HD service from transmitters in Wales (on Freeview channel 103) will become ITV Cymru Wales HD. Viewers in Wales watching via Sky, Freesat and Cable will also receive ITV Cymru Wales HD.

What frequency is Capital Wales?

Capital South Wales

Frequency DAB: 12C NOW SE Wales FM: 97.4 MHz Gwent FM: 103.2 MHz Glamorgan RDS: Capital
Branding 97.4/103.2 Capital FM
Format Contemporary hit radio

What channel is bbc2 Wales on Sky?

Sky channel numbers Wales

BBC TV and Radio channel numbers on Sky in Wales
102 BBC Two Wales HD BBC Two Wales SD
116 BBC Four HD BBC Four SD
194 BBC Scotland HD BBC Scotland SD

What channel is Wales today?

BBC One – BBC Wales Today.

How do I add BBC Wales to Sky?

Here’s how.

  1. Go to ‘Options’ in your Sky menu and look for the ‘Add Channels’ tab.
  2. Here are the details you need to enter.
  3. Select BBC One Wales from the menu.
  4. BBC One Wales will now appear in the ‘Other Channels’ tab of your options menu.
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What number is the Welsh channel on Sky?

In Wales, S4C is available on Freeview 4, Sky 104, Virgin TV 104 and Freesat 104. In England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, S4C is available on Sky 134, Freesat 120 and Virgin TV 166. S4C are available online and on demand at s4c.