What is the name of the highest pub in Ireland?

Top of Coom, is Irelands Official Highest Pub is set 1045ft above sea level.

Which is the highest pub in Ireland?

Johnnie Fox’s Pub. Established 1798, Johnnie Fox’s is one of Ireland’s oldest and most famous traditional pubs in Ireland. Renowned for being the highest pub in the country!

What is the highest pub in Dublin?

Situated in ‘Glencullen’ on top of the Dublin mountains and famed as being the highest pub in Ireland, Johnnie Fox’s is also one of Ireland’s oldest traditional Irish Pubs.

What is the highest pub in the world?

Ozone Bar, Hong Kong

Set on the 118th floor of Hong Kong’s International Commerce Centre, Ozone Bar is part of the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong hotel. At 1,690 feet above sea level, it’s the highest bar in the world, offering spectacular views across Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island.

What is the highest pub in Northern Ireland?

The Derry pub, which can safely claim to be the highest in Northern Ireland, sits at 947ft (288.6m) while Fox’s is in the foothills at 910ft (277.3m).

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What height is the Ponderosa pub?

Ordnance Survey maps prove it is officially the highest pub in Ireland, sitting at 946ft above sea level amid the Sperrin mountains – higher than the renowned Johnny Fox’s in the Dublin Mountains, which has attracted millions of sightseers, including international celebrities, over the years.

What is the highest village in Ireland?

The village is near the border with County Limerick and County Kerry. Meelin is within the Cork North-West (Dáil constituency). At 251 metres (823 ft) above sea level, Meelin is the highest village in Ireland, although Glencullen in County Dublin also claims to be the highest at about 251.5 metres (825 ft).

How old is Johnny Foxes pub?

Johnnie Fox’s is a living museum with every corner and wall space covered with antiques and Irish history. 1798 was a historic year in Ireland.

How do I get to Johnny Foxes?

Directions to Johnnie Fox’s

  1. Take the M50 southbound. Exit the M50 at Kilternan and Leopardstown (exit no 15). …
  2. Follow the signs for the N11 to Cherrywood (initially going south). Follow the signs for M50 northbound. …
  3. Take the N11 northbound onto the M50 northbound. From the M50 take exit 15 for Kilternan and Leopardstown.

What’s the highest pub in England?

shallower. Dating back to the 17th century with its exposed beams, stone-flagged floor and welcoming fire, the unique and historic Tan Hill Inn is Britain’s highest public house at 1,732 feet (528m) above sea level.

What is the highest bar in Europe?

GŎNG | The Shard

2) GŎNG – Western Europe’s highest cocktail bar, located on the 52nd floor of The Shard – is approximately 182 metres above ground level.

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Which city has the most pubs in the world?

London, perhaps unsurprisingly, came out on top, with a whopping 1,327 pubs and bars in and around the capital, beating the likes of New York and Tokyo to 1st place.

Where is the highest pub in the country?

RM 2BXA28T–Tan Hill pub, the highest in England set at 1732 foot above sea level, isolated on Stonesdale moor. North Yorkshire, UK. RM G6194D–Britain’s highest pub, the Tan Hill Inn, remains surrounded by deep snow in Tan Hill, North Yorkshire.