Where is the biggest B&M in the UK?

What does B&M stand for in B&M Bargains?

The business was founded by Malcolm Billington as Billington & Mayman and the first store opened in Cleveleys, England, in 1978 and was acquired by Simon and Bobby Arora from Phildrew Investments in December 2004.

Are Home Bargains and B&M the same company?

The two budget retailers both offer the same range of store cupboard staples, biscuits and treats as well as a smattering of homewares and toys for shoppers, and both are owned by North West-based families.

Can you order online from B&M?

B&M doesn’t sell online either, with a brief statement on the website explaining it is “for browsing only”. You can get bulky furniture and gardening products delivered to your home, but you need to go into store to buy them.

Who owns B&M Bargains?

B&M was acquired by Simon and Bobby Arora in December 2004 from Phildrew Investments, at which time the Company traded from just 21 stores.

What does BNM stand for?


Acronym Definition
BNM Broadcast Notice to Mariners (USCG)
BNM Broadband Network Module (Cisco)
BNM Bulk Nanostructured Material
BNM Bandelier National Monument (US)
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Who owns Heron Frozen?

East Yorkshire-based Heron Foods has been bought by a discount retailer in a deal worth up to £152m. The family-run food retailer, which employs around 3,800 people, has been taken over by B&M. B&M said it would use Heron’s chain of shops to develop a “discount convenience grocery brand”.

How is B&M so cheap?

B&M focuses on the thing that matters most to its customers and minimises costs where they are prepared to make sacrifices. Prices matter to customers, so B&M works very hard to deliver. That means low prices across the board – not always cheapest, but rarely more expensive.

Where is B&M head office?

Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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