Which primary school is the best in London?

St Anthony’s Roman Catholic Primary School in Forest Gate, Newham, was named the top primary school in London and the UK. The top performing primary schools in London have been revealed today by Parent Power, the Sunday Times’ Schools Guide 2022.

Which London borough has the best primary schools?

Leading the way is the borough of Harrow, where 38% of schools have been rated outstanding. This equates to 30 out of the 78 primary schools in the borough. In terms of the physical number of ‘outstanding’ schools in the borough, Southwark actually comes out on top with 31 achieving the top grade.

Which is the best primary school in UK?

The top state primary schools in England

  • 1 St Antony’s RC Primary School, Forest Gate, London.
  • 2 St Stephen’s School, East Ham, London.
  • 3 Mayflower Primary School, London.
  • 4 St Anne’s RC Primary School, Streetly, Sutton Coldfield.
  • 5= Courtland School, London.
  • 5= Fox Primary School, London.
  • 7 Lowbrook Academy, Maidenhead.
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Which area of London has the best schools?

The best London neighbourhoods for state schools

  • Kingston & Sutton. Average house price, £624,100 and £429,350 respectively; average rental price per week £552 and £449 respectively. …
  • Barnet. …
  • Richmond. …
  • Kensington and Chelsea. …
  • Redbridge. …
  • Westminster. …
  • Ealing. …
  • Wandsworth.

What are the best private primary schools in London?

The best private primary schools in London

  • North London Collegiate School (Harrow)
  • King’s College School (Wimbledon)
  • City of London School For Girls (City of London)
  • South Hampstead High School (Hampstead)
  • University College School (Hampstead)
  • James Allen’s Girls’ School (East Dulwich)
  • Wimbledon High School (Wimbledon)

Which London borough has most grammar schools?

The most pro-grammar school area of the country – the London borough of Bexley – has four grammar schools.

Which boroughs in London have the best schools?

It is home to 2,311 primary schools, of which 29% have been given an Ofsted rating of ‘outstanding’. When looking at individual boroughs, Barnet leads the way with an impressive 38 schools rated at the highest level.

Hot 100 2018 – Top boroughs for education provision.

Rank Borough Number
1 Camden 23,330
2 Tower Hamlets 20,540
3 Southwark 19,200
4 Islington 17,410

What is the number 1 school in the UK?

2021 Results

# A + A* % Name
1 99.80 St Paul’s Girls’ School
2 99.60 Wycombe Abbey School
3 99.50 Haberdashers’ Boys’ School – Elstree
4 99.20 Godolphin & Latymer School

Which school is the best in the UK?

Top 50 Secondary schools in England by Key Stage 5 (A-Level and equivalent) Average Point Score

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Rank School Summary
1 King’s College London Maths School 80 Kennington Road, London, SE11 6NJ Last year ranked 2
2 Magdalen College School Cowley Place, Oxford, OX4 1DZ Last year ranked 4

What is the best public school in England?

10 Outstanding British Public Schools To Consider

  • Eton College.
  • Gordonstoun.
  • Harrow School.
  • The King’s School, Canterbury.
  • Westminster School.
  • Winchester College.
  • Wycombe Abbey.
  • St Paul’s School.

What is the best area to live in London?

Where Are The Best Places to Live in London?

  • Bexley. Bexley is one of the most affordable parts of London. …
  • Camden. Camden is renowned throughout the UK for its vibrant arts scene and bustling market. …
  • Richmond. …
  • Camden. …
  • Hampstead. …
  • Highgate. …
  • Shoreditch. …
  • Bethnal Green.

Are schools in London better?

Or, to put it more bluntly, London schools have on average almost two and a half times fewer of the lowest-performing pupils as schools in the rest of England. … Teachers and headteachers in London have worked very hard over the years to raise standards, but so have their colleagues elsewhere in the country.

How many primary schools are in London?

There are approximately 3250 schools in London.

What is the most expensive school in London?

London’s most expensive schools

School Annual Fee
1 American School in London 24,150
2 Garden House School 21,000
3 Southbank International School 21,825
4 Wetherby Pre-Prep 20,595

What is the most expensive private school in London?

The most expensive private school is Cherwell College Oxford, which charges its boarding pupils £19,000 per term which works out as £58,500 a year – in order to send your child here you would need a minimum average income of just under £100,000.

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What is the name of the best high school in London?

Wembley High Technology College, in Brent, which is rated Outstanding by Ofsted is the best state-funded secondary school in London according to the comprehensive guide for 2020. In second place is Wilson’s School, in Sutton, while third top-rated school is Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet.