Who is the most famous Scottish?

Who is Scotlands most famous person?

Famous Scots

  • Rob Roy. Folk hero, outlaw and member of the MacGregor clan.
  • Mary Queen of Scots. Her life was dramatic and tragic and the legacy lives on.
  • Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Explore the life and the works of Scotland’s most famous architect.
  • James Braid. …
  • Robert the Bruce.

Who is the greatest Scots of all time?

The top 10 greatest Scots as voted by the public is as follows:

  • 1 ) Robert Burns.
  • 2 ) Sir William Wallace.
  • 3 ) Sir Alexander Fleming.
  • 6 ) Robert the Bruce.
  • 7 ) Andrew Carnegie.
  • 8 ) Sir William Alexander Smith.

Who is the most famous person from Glasgow?

The 5 Most Famous People to Come From Glasgow

  • Billy Connolly. The ‘Big Yin’ displays two classic Glaswegian tendencies – a great sense of humour and a history of claiming not to be a fan of either of the Old Firm football teams. …
  • Sir Alex Ferguson. …
  • Charles Rennie Mackintosh. …
  • Mark Millar. …
  • Peter Capaldi. …
  • Ready to make the move?

What is the largest clan in Scotland?

What is the largest clan in Scotland? Clan MacDonald of Clanranald is one of the biggest Highland clans. Descendants of Ranald, son of John, Lord of the Isles, the MacDonalds controlled most of Scotland’s northwest coast.

What did Scotland give the world?

Household innovations

  • The television: John Logie Baird (1923)
  • The refrigerator: William Cullen (1748)
  • The first electric bread toaster: Alan MacMasters (1893)
  • The flush toilet: Alexander Cumming (1775)
  • The vacuum flask: Sir James Dewar (1847–1932)
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Who is the best Scottish footballer?

Kenny Dalglish, the only man to have won more than 100 caps for Scotland, was the only Scottish player named in the FIFA 100. Denis Law, who shares with Dalglish the record for the most goals scored for the national team, is the only Scottish player to have won the European Footballer of the Year award.