Why should you live in Northern Ireland?

The country has a lot to offer, from beautiful scenery to a low cost of living and great employment opportunities, not to mention the countless beaches, world famous golf courses and wealth of public parks and forests. All of which make Northern Ireland an amazing place to put down roots.

Is Northern Ireland a good place to live?

Professional services firm PwC has found that Northern Ireland is the best place to live, compared with the rest of the UK, as people continue to trade cities for the countryside after a year spent at home.

What is so special about Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland is home to some of the best links golf in the world. As well as Royal Portrush, which hosted The 148th Open in 2019, there are other gems like Portstewart and the beautiful Royal County Down near the Mourne Mountains.

How is life in Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland is in many ways a traditional society. Church attendance is high (but steadily declining), family life is central, and community ties are strong. The daily interactions of most people are confined to members of their own community, whether in urban neighbourhoods or country villages.

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Is Northern Ireland a good country?

Northern Ireland may have taken the title of the happiest place to live – but according to a new survey it’s among the places with the worst quality of life. … And out of 138 areas in the UK – the North, South, East and West of Northern Ireland all featured in the bottom 10 places to live in the UK.

Is Northern Ireland rough?

Northern Ireland is extremely safe for tourists to visit. In fact, when Northern Ireland is compared to the rest of the world, it has one of the lowest crime rates among industrialised countries.

Is Northern Ireland safe?

Northern Ireland is a very safe country to visit – at least when it comes to street, violent crime as well as petty crime. In comparison to other European countries, crime is very low and the crime that does happen is mostly fueled by alcohol, so you should avoid roaming along Northern Ireland’s streets late at night.

Do Northern Irish consider themselves Irish?

Northern Irish people is a demonym for all people born in Northern Ireland or people who are entitled to reside in Northern Ireland without any restriction on their period of residence. Most Northern Irish people either identify as Northern Irish, Irish or British, or a combination thereof.

Why does Northern Ireland want to be part of the UK?

The territory that became Northern Ireland, within the Irish province of Ulster, had a Protestant and Unionist majority who wanted to maintain ties to Britain. This was largely due to 17th-century British colonisation. … The rest of Ireland had a Catholic, nationalist majority who wanted self-governance or independence.

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Why you should go to Ulster?

Ulster University is a young, dynamic and innovative university with a spirit that transforms lives, stretches minds, develops skills and raises ambitions. International students from over 100 countries worldwide choose Ulster every year for the unique experience studying in Northern Ireland offers them.

Are people friendly in Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland is a complicated place, but it’s a generally safe and welcoming destination these days – just be mindful of talking about politics and religion. Many people have outdated perceptions of beautiful Northern Ireland, a country colored by grim memories of regular bombings up until the 1990s.

Is it worth living in Belfast?

Belfast has a few positives like excellent technology, cheap houses and reasonably good incomes, but due to things like its high cost of living and low employment statistics it still finds itself in the bottom half of our table of the best places to live in the UK, and has dropped a lot of places since 2013.

What is Northern Ireland’s culture?

Much of Northern Ireland’s holidays, culture, and everyday life is centered around its Roman Catholic and Protestant roots. Many families hold traditional expectations and standards of behavior based on their beliefs. Daily life is also influenced by the agricultural and manufacturing economy.

Is Belfast a rough place?

Belfast’s reputation as a dangerous city is often exaggerated. A recent study by the United Nations International Crime Victimisation Survey (ICVS) shows that Northern Ireland has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. … There are areas in Belfast which have been scarred by trouble in the past.

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Is Belfast a bad place to live?

Belfast is a UK capital city, welcoming, easy to get around and an affordable place in which to live and study. Its also within the safest region in the UK (UK Crime Surveys 2018/19). … Belfast has the lowest cost of living in the UK (Mercer Cost of Living City Ranking 2021).

Where should I not live in Belfast?

The main areas to avoid in Belfast are the areas around the Shankill and Falls roads at night (West Belfast), areas in North Belfast like Tiger’s Bay, New Lodge and Ardoyne (at night) and the likes of Short Strand in East Belfast (again, at night).