What months do midges come out in Scotland?

When is midge season in Scotland? Typically May until September. Midges begin to emerge during May (usually mid-late May). These are typically the non-biting boys.

What months are best to avoid midges in Scotland?

Come between late September and late May. In the Highlands of Scotland, particularly in the Cairngorms, we can have an early frost in September or a late frost in May. Midges can’t survive a frost. If you arrive in Scotland, before the weather has warmed up too much you are unlikely to see many midges.

Where is the best place to avoid midges in Scotland?

It is possible to avoid midges in Scotland. East coast places, windy headlands, hill-tops and city-centres should be clear of these notorious biting insects.

Are there more midges this year 2021?

The 2021 Season

Just like previous years, this year saw even larger numbers of midges than usual. We estimate midge numbers were up around 20% on last year and even more on previous years. July and August were particularly bad for midges with the warm spring and continuing good weather throughout the summer.

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What keeps Scottish midges away?

Citronella and Saltidin (also known as Picaridin and Icaridin) are among the ingredients that midges are said to find repugnant and give a wide berth. Essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender and lemongrass have been credited with similar properties (more on this in a moment).

What time do midges go to bed?

Midges can detect their favourite gas from 200 metres away and their ideal meal times are between 5am and 9am in the morning and 6pm and 11pm in the evening. To avoid their company, stay inside at dawn and dusk.

Do you get midges on the Isle of Skye?

There’s no such place as a midge-free location on Skye! Between May and September, midges come and go with the time of day and the weather. They are most prevalent in the early morning and the evening. They are also around when there is cloud cover and no wind.

What time of day do midges come out in Scotland?

The Highland Midge is most active in low-light conditions i.e dawn and dusk, or when cloud cover significantly reduces the intensity of the sunlight. Whatever the weather, take your Smidge and midges won’t cloud your day.

Why are midges so bad in Scotland?

Why are they so common in Scotland? The short answer is rain. Larvae develop in mossy damp breeding grounds over many months from October. A dry winter or spring reduces numbers.

How bad are midges in Scotland?

Will they spoil your enjoyment of the Scottish Highlands? Yes, they can be a serious nuisance – though you’d have to be bitten by 20 million midges simultaneously for their bites to be fatal!

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How do you keep midges away?

10 Top Tips on Avoiding Midges, Wasps & Insects While Camping

  1. Have a campfire. …
  2. Stay away from standing water. …
  3. Keep tent doors closed. …
  4. Insect repellent. …
  5. Use essential oils and aromatherapy. …
  6. Wear an impregnated wristband. …
  7. Throw a bunch of sage on the campfire. …
  8. Burn citronella candles.

Do you get midges by the sea in Scotland?

Beaches make great midge free locations in Scotland. The evening coastal breeze from the sea serves as a great tool for keeping the midges away. … If you do venture away from the coast to experience some of Scotland’s stunning wetland, habitats are sure to pack plenty of repellents.

How do you deal with midges in Scotland?

My Top 5 Tips To Avoid Midges

  1. Keep walking; midges tend to hover in one place in the shade.
  2. Sit in the sunlight and avoid shaded areas.
  3. Stay in the breeze Midges like still air.
  4. Wear Avon skin so soft (secret weapon worn by many workers in Scotland)
  5. Avoid early morning and late afternoon outdoors.

What smells do midges hate?

Citronella candles

These are really effective and suit outdoor eating scenarios, picnics and BBQs, although BBQ smoke does a good job of keeping the midges away too. Midges dislike the smell of the candles, so burn a couple at a time to double your chances of keeping them away.

Is Avon Skin So Soft good for midges?

Avon’s Skin So Soft dry oil spray costs £2.25, smells pleasant (unlike many repellents) and is surprisingly effective at deterring mosquitoes and midges.

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Are there midges in Scotland in September?

While biting midges are abroad in Scotland between May and September, with some outliers hitting the skies in April and October, July and August are generally considered to be the time when midges in Scotland are at their worst, in the average year.